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With the extensive range manufactured by Norbar, there is a host of information available to support customers in using our products. This includes catalogues, manuals and software.

Engineer to Order

Norbar’s wide range of standard equipment may not meet your exact requirements as there are applications when something very specific is required.

Norbar will undertake the design and manufacture of special equipment against agreed customer specifications.

These projects range from modified torque wrench end fittings to complete torque and angle control of valve testing kits. Relevant safety directives are applied where appropriate, leading to well-engineered reliable products that are designed to make tasks safer and easier.

After Sales Service

Norbar understands that you value us for both the precision of our equipment and the reliability of our service. In the event that you need equipment replacing or repairing we appreciate that time is of the essence, and work to ensure equipment is replaced, repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible, without ever compromising the high standards that you expect from us.

If you require more information please contact our repairs team

If you have goods to return please complete the Norbar Goods Return Form, and return this with your goods.

UKAS Accredited Calibration

The hallmark of Norbar’s expertise and leadership in the field of torque measurement and calibration is clearly seen in the fact that we were the first torque equipment manufacturer to have an in-house UKAS accredited calibration laboratory. We have no intention of resting on our laurels, though, and take pride that we still provide the most comprehensive service available, ensuring we evolve to continue to meet your needs.

Norbar’s laboratory has approval for torques between 0.005 N·m and 108,500 N·m. and operates to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017, which sets standards for the technical competence of the laboratory. This should not be confused with laboratories claiming ISO 9001:2015 which relates only to a laboratory's quality management systems.

Repair Training

Norbar’s repair and calibration training services offer a professional level of training for Norbar torque equipment refurbishment. Our training courses are designed by Norbar's own technicians who service, repair and calibrate our products and other manufacturers’ products every day, so can impart their knowledge to others.


Norbar offer a large and growing portfolio of videos. These offer an insight into our product range and torque expertise, help the user get the most from their Norbar products, and provide tips and know-how.


Norbar has devised easy-to-use online calculators that support the correct application of torque in two key areas: