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Reliability and accuracy are critical to your success and central to all of Norbar’s equipment, which is why our products are used by world class manufacturers around the globe. Our extensive product range is ideal for many standard assembly line applications, and where your needs are more specialised we work with you to design tooling to give consistent results in your application.

Norbar has the widest range of torque tools in the world, supported by our electronic torque measurement programme. All transducers up to 108,500 N•m can be provided with UKAS certification to ISO17025 to give you the level of traceability that every modern business will require.

Norbar distributors around the world are chosen for their ability to provide local support when you need it. Within our family of distributors we share applications and can often recommend solutions that have been tried and tested elsewhere.

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Assembly Line Products

Your production facilities are constantly striving to improve performance whether in cost reduction, traceability or consistency.  Norbar can help with your continuous improvement projects in a number of ways:

Assembly Tools

We can offer a wide range of ‘P’ Type manual torque wrenches without scale for Production use. These wrenches have clear sound and feel when they reach torque. Along with good technique this ensures the operator applies the correct torque.  We can provide training courses for operators on the safe and accurate use of torque wrenches.

For highly critical fasteners or where torque and angle tightening is required, electronic torque wrenches are often preferred.  Norbar’s NorTronic® is a robust, environmentally sealed electronic torque wrench designed to give years of trouble free life on the typical production line.  Torque and angle data from the wrench can be wirelessly transmitted to a PC via Wi-Fi.  Where an assembly contains several bolts requiring different torques or torque followed by angle, sequenced bolt targets can be set up on the supplied software and uploaded to the NorTronic®.

For larger fasteners the PneuTorque® range of pneumatic torque controlled tools provides a versatile solution to meet your torque, or torque & angle needs.  Whether controlled by air pressure or transducer shutoff systems with data logging, we have a solution for you.

Tool Maintenance

Many customers already have torque wrench testers for setting and verifying manual torque wrenches. Some of these systems are mechanical and not capable of the accuracy required today. Other, earlier electronic systems often have drift issues that cast doubt on the real torque values. Norbar is renowned for its cost effective torque tool testing systems.
T-Box™ 2 is the latest Norbar measuring instrument, with its TDMS software, designed to store trend data and assist you in setting appropriate recalibration or maintenance intervals.

How Tight Is Tight?

We can often offer solutions through your local distributor to assist your Process Capability studies. A combination of our torque measurement equipment and the distributors’ knowledge can help improve your processes.

One of the key analysis tools is the USM-3 Ultrasonic Measurement Instrument.  This device measures the change in length of the bolt due to the tightening process and allows for detailed analysis of the torque versus tension relationship.

Changeover and Maintenance

It is not just on the line that Norbar can help you.  Your desire to reduce set-up or changeover times can often be helped by our tools, as can your goal of reduced maintenance down-times:

Set-Up and Changeover

Many fixtures are screwed in place. The use of torque wrenches to achieve the correct degree of fixture for sub-table clamping will give consistent results without guesswork or trial and error.

Many customers also use torque wrenches or screwdrivers to clamp components into fixtures during processing or to prevent carbide cutting tool inserts from being overstressed.


To keep major items of plant such as power presses in top condition it is vital to carry out preventive maintenance. This often involves the loosening and tightening of large or awkward fasteners. Norbar specialise in small powerful torque multipliers that make short work of these difficult fasteners.  With a Norbar HandTorque® in your maintenance toolkit and the support of your local distributor for the design of specialised torque reaction arms, you can tackle those difficult jobs in less time and with more confidence.  HandTorque® multipliers can now be supplied in kit form with the most appropriate torque wrench, packaged in a robust carry case.

After Sales Service

Your customers do not always have ideal conditions in which to perform field maintenance of your products. Norbar is able to supply suitable products for field disassembly and reassembly of threaded fasteners on your equipment:

Service Tools

We offer a wide range of Norbar branded or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) branded tools in single piece or kit form.

Ask us for details and help your equipment run longer and better after it leaves your facility.

Engineer to Order Product Service

Your designers are always finding ways to challenge manufacturing with smaller, lighter, more highly stressed components. If we have not got the right solution in our range, our Engineer to Order team will work with you and your distributor to specify, design and produce a solution in a cost effective manner.

If you have a unique or bespoke requirement that cannot be catered for using standard Norbar product then please enquire about the Engineer to Order service to discuss your requirements:

E. sales@norbar.com T. 01295 753 600

ETO Project Information Sheets

Q4523 ET2 with remote control panel & separate trigger switch
Q4337 PTS-72-1350 based kit with special attachments
Q4333 Stainless steel double sided flat reaction to fit 72-1000 remote tool
Q4292 Special reaction & socket for HT-72-2000
Q4102 / 4367 Extended reach torque wrenches
Q3603 Cranked spanner end with 1/2" square drive ratchet & 16mm spigot
Q2567 Offset Gearbox for Steel Blast Furnace Maintenance
Q2377 Heavy Duty 500 mm Electrode Wrench
Q2163 Hexagon Key Spanner Ends with 16mm Spigot
Q2035 Large Screw Cap Adaptor
Q2008 Special Rapid Jaw Spanner End
Q1990 Special 75mm Hook Spanner End with 16mm Spigot
Q1974 Special Ring Spanner End
Q1923 Sliding Reaction for PT9
Q1921 Special Long Reaction for PTM-72-2000
Q1911a Special Exhaust Extraction port for PTM-52-800
Q1826 Special Spanner Ends for Bearing Lock Ring Tightening
Q1807 Screw Cap Adaptors