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The increasing demands of the subsea industry and Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) manufacturers and operators means that, alongside our established reputation as highly skilled providers of equipment for use in refineries, pipelines and oil and gas installations, it is only natural that Norbar are pioneers in the field of weight reduction in high torque gearboxes; integration of torque measurement into gearboxes with the minimum impact on weight; and size and modification of gearboxes and torque transducers for harsh environment and subsea use.

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Top Side Torque Tools and Instruments

Top Side Torque Tools and InstrumentsNorbar has developed a wide range of solutions for torque application and torque testing. Where there is not a standard solution from our range, our Engineer to Order service designs and manufactures bespoke solutions.

Tool Testing

Norbar provides the biggest selection of measurement solutions for torque tools available, from the smallest screwdriver to the largest hydraulic or pneumatic wrench. For harsh environments, such as deck-mounted applications, Norbar has developed a range of measurement and calibration equipment that is rated to IP65/IP67.

Valve Testing

The ability of Norbar’s PneuTorque® range of pneumatic torque multipliers to give smooth, controllable torque up to 300,000 N•m has made them invaluable in the pressure testing of valves, even up to the largest sizes. The tools are usually combined with torque transducers and often with angle measurement so that a relationship can be plotted between the exact position of the valve stem and the actuation torque.

USM - Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement

In joints that are highly critical due to safety or the implications of down time, a more direct means of establishing bolt tension than torque control is needed.  One of the most versatile methods of establishing tension is to measure the extension of the bolt due to the tightening process using ultrasound.  Norbar’s USM-3 has been both laboratory and field proven to be the most accurate, reliable and cost effective solution to bolting failures which could place workers at risk, lead to the loss of production and/or cause damage to capital equipment.

PneuTorque® Pneumatic Torque Wrenche

PneuTorque® Pneumatic Torque Wrenches and Hydraulic WrenchesPneuTorque® wrenches are available in a range of models from 500 N•m (maximum torque) to 300,000 N•m. They all provide smooth, continuous and controllable torque with low noise and exceptionally low vibration levels. The Norbar PneuTorque® is faster than comparable hydraulic ratcheting tools. These attributes make PneuTorque® wrenches suitable for a huge range of applications in the oil and gas industry, from flange bolting to machinery barring (turbines and engines) and torque testing.

Norbar Hydraulic Wrenches

Norbar Hydraulic WrenchesNorbar offers both Square Drive Series “NSD” and Hex Link Series “NHCL” hydraulic wrenches, specifically designed for extremely low height access applications.  Our robust and lightweight aluminium body completely encloses the drive train keeping the crucial lubricant inside the tool while significantly reducing the opportunity for contamination from the outside elements.  The model range extends to 81,360 N•m in the Square Drive Series and 67,800 N•m in the Hex Link Series.

Subsea Tools and Instruments

Norbar’s gearboxes have become the industry standard for API Class wet valve intervention tools. However, increasing demands of the subsea industry for smaller and lighter tools is driving forward development of the gearbox. Using lightweight materials, whilst maintaining durability, has been a key development area. Another is the integration of a torque transducer – traditionally a separate, bolt on item – giving a significant reduction in size and weight of the overall package.

Having gained great experience manufacturing gearboxes for intervention tools, Norbar have applied this learning to the manufacture of complete API intervention tools. The API Class 4 to 7 Adapter Gearbox is a good example of how Norbar has listened to the needs of the industry and applied them to make an innovative tool. Most API intervention tools in the world use Norbar multipliers.

Pipe Clamp Tools

Tools used for subsea pipe clamping are often required to deliver significantly higher torques than valve intervention tools. On a tool with a required torque output of 60,000 N•m, for example, the weight of a standard steel bodied tool becomes unacceptable. The need for pipe clamping tools used on the Langeled pipeline from the Ormen Lange gas field in Norway to have a maximum submerged weight of 60 kg led Norbar to develop a gearbox that made extensive use of lightweight alloys. The techniques learned from this has given Norbar new technology that they are able to apply to other specialist projects and improved standard products.

Special Engineer to Order Product Service

The diverse needs of the oil and gas industry, both on land and at sea, mean that Norbar’s standard product may not be ideally suited. Norbar therefore offer an Engineer to Order service that spans a range from modified reaction plates and non-standard gearbox input and output drives to completely one off tools or measurement systems.

Links to engineer to order projects

Q-various Torque reactions for use on Speedloc II Clamps
Q4881 Torque & angle valve testing kit with pneumatic drives
Q4835 / 4835.01/2 Torque & angle valve testing kit with AC servo drives
Q4557 Double sided flat reaction for Class 4 receptacle / ET2-92-4000
Q3730 Custom Class 7 multiplier kit with hydraulic latching
Q3559 HT9/25 with special reaction & drive socket
Q3492 Class 5 & 7 pipe clamp actuation & testing kits
Q3486 Portable 25.000 lbf.ft hydraulic tool calibration kit
Q3379 Gas cylinder valve torque verification
Q3310 Class 4-6 & 4-7 Subsea torque multiplier kit
Q3306/7 Class 4 to 9,500 N.m Subsea torque multiplier for pipe clamps
Q3285 HT - 119 5:1 less AWUR
Q3244 PT12 MTS with type 72A Interface
Q3216 Extended Torque Reactions for PTM - 52
Q3084 Class 6 & 7 Multiplier kits for customer integration into subsea tool
Q2967 + Q3106 Class 4 to 6,000 N.m right angle torque multiplier
Q2693 Class 4 Reaction Nose with Indicator
Q2608 PT9 MTS Fitted with API Class 5 Nose Extension
Q2605 HT9/25 Special with 4:1 Output Gear Train Kit
Q2576 100,000 N·m Torque and Angle Valve Testing Kit
Q2541 Special HT9/25 & No. 9 Annular Transducer Assembly
Q2375 PT13 MTS fitted with API Class 7 Short Nose Extension
Q2281 Offset Gearbox for Dredging Pipe Flange Bolt Tightening
Q2277/9 20,000 & 50,000 N·m Harsh Environment Annular Transducers
Q2269 Saw Machine Cutter Torque Tightening
Q2108 Actuator Testing Controller & Transducer Kit
Q1952 HandTorque 3.5:1 Subsea Special
Q1949 HandTorque HT11/5 Special
Q1937 HandTorque 15:1 Subsea Special
Q1910 Special Double Sided Reaction for PT2
Q1909 HT12 with 14.1:1 Velocity Ratio
Q1722 Valve Testing Kit - API Class 3 & 4
Q1705 Long Reach Nose Extension & Reaction