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Precision Tools For The Energy Generation Industry

From coal fuelled plant through to highly safety critical areas of nuclear plant and, more recently, extensive involvement in the wind energy industry, Norbar’s tools and instruments help make our power generation industry run more efficiently, reliably and cleanly. Increasingly, our attention is focused on renewable energy, particularly wind energy, which presents new issues both in manufacture and maintenance, particularly since the plant often has to operate in extremely hostile environments, including off-shore.  This smaller plant requires torque tools to be compact, light, accurate and extremely robust.

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Torque Wrenches

Norbar’s hand torque wrenches range from screwdrivers with a minimum capacity of 0.3 N•m through to wrenches with a capacity of 2000 N•m.

Norbar’s torque wrenches have been used throughout the power generation industry from the equipment manufacturers producing the plant through to power generation sites and the electricity distribution infrastructure.  The features making Norbar wrenches especially suitable for this industry include accuracy that exceeds the requirement of international standards, backed up with a traceable calibration certificate supplied with each wrench.  Robust ratchets with a narrow engagement angle allow the use of wrenches in tight spaces.  Users of Norbar’s Professional series wrenches in elevated positions such as wind turbine nacelles will particularly appreciate their light weight and compact dimensions.

Norbar’s electronic torque wrench, NorTronic®, provides a host of possibilities for high precision torque and torque/angle tightening and auditing of fastened bolts.  NorTronic’s wi-fi capability enables data to be wirelessly collected from the wrench either in real time or by batch data transfer at a time of the users choosing.  The supplied PC software allows easy management of the collected data and sophisticated set-up of the torque wrench.

Norbar now offers a range of torque wrenches up to 2,000 N•m that can be split for storage and transportation.  These wrenches are perfect for mobile maintenance crews as they are easily transported and assembled and disassembled in seconds.

Another innovation in the torque wrench range is the introduction of 3/8” and 1/2” drive, 1000 Volt insulated torque wrenches, tested to IEC 60900:2004 and suitable for live line working (only where the operator is qualified to do so).

Hand Operated Torque Multipliers - HandTorque

Hand Operated Torque Multipliers - HandTorque™Torque multipliers are geared devises that allow very high torques to be accurately applied from a compact tool package.  Take for example Norbar’s HT-52 multiplier which can apply 1,000 N•m from a package weight with a suitable torque wrench of around 3 kg – around half the weight of a typical 1,000 N•m torque wrench.  Given the tight confines and difficult accessibility of most wind turbines, this low weight and the fact that this tool package utilises a wrench length of around 300mm will be a major advantage.

Norbar HandTorque® multipliers set the standard for power generation and other applications.  These exceptionally well-engineered tools offer outstanding robustness and torque multiplication accuracy.  For applications where a torque readout is required for monitoring or data collection, Norbar multipliers can be fitted with torque transducers which measure the actual torque at the output drive.  On the HandTorque® HTM model, the torque transducer is an integrated part of the torque multiplier and the kit is supplied with a simple weather sealed display instrument.

Pneumatic Torque Multipliers - PneuTorque®

Pneumatic Torque Multipliers - PneuTorque®Norbar has 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of PneuTorque® pneumatic torque wrenches and now offer an unparalleled range stretching from under 500 N•m to 300,000 N•m.  PneuTorque® wrenches offer accurate and quiet torque, almost free from vibration.
Although mostly used in bolting applications, the power generation industry has found other invaluable uses for the accurate, smooth power delivery of PneuTorque® wrenches.  These include rotating hydroelectric turbines under maintenance, valve actuation, opening and closing coal hopper doors and weld testing.

All PneuTorque® wrenches are optionally available with a torque transducer for accurate torque audit.  Such a system has been used in the highly safety critical area of fastening the lids of nuclear waste flasks.

Electronic Torque Tool – EvoTorque®

Electronic Torque Tool – EvoTorque®When Norbar embarked on their project to launch a torque multiplying gearbox powered by an electric motor, the starting point was an evaluation of products already on the market, most of which use electric drill motors as their power source.  We were shocked by the poor quality of most of these products.  The main issue is the lack of management of motor inertia which results in huge differences in applied torque between joints of high torque rate and joints of low torque rate.  Mostly, users will be completely unaware that on a ‘soft joint’ (one that requires more than 360° from snug to fully tighten) their electric torque tool might be delivering half the torque that the same tool might deliver to a hard joint.  Conversely, when electric tools are used to check bolts that are already tight, legacy tools can add a large amount of torque to the joint just in doing the test.

EvoTorque® deals with these issues by using joint sensing software that in milliseconds can sense whether the joint is of high or low rate.  In the case of a high joint rate, an electronic brake is applied to stop the motor fast and prevent torque overshoot.  This works in a similar way to the KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) on a F1 racing car.

With a patent pending on the motor technology behind the EvoTorque®, Norbar are confident that their tool is the most accurate available on the market

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic Torque WrenchesNorbar offers both Square Drive Series “NSD” and Hex Link Series “NHCL” hydraulic torque wrenches, specifically designed for extremely low height access applications.  Our robust and lightweight aluminium body completely encloses the drive train keeping the crucial lubricant inside the tool while significantly reducing the opportunity for contamination from the outside elements.  The model range extends to 81,360 N•m in the Square Drive Series and 67,800 N•m in the Hex Link Series.

Torque Measurement

Torque MeasurementFor any environment – factory line-side, mobile or calibration laboratory – and any torque up to 300,000 N•m, Norbar offers a torque measurement solution.  Many of Norbar’s Professional Torque Testers (Pro-Test) can be found in service vehicles travelling to wind farms throughout the world.  For outdoor use in all weathers, Norbar offers a comprehensive “Harsh Environment” range consisting of IP65/67 rated measurement instrument and a range of corrosion resistant, stainless steel transducers.  These will provide reliable service even on vessels serving off-shore wind farms.

The importance of keeping torque controlled tools in peak calibration condition is well established and whatever torque tool you have, Norbar have a testing or calibration solution.  The new Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration Fixtures are a good example.  With Calibration Fixtures available for hydraulic wrenches up to 80,000 N•m, these thoroughly engineered devices allow accurate and repeatable calibration from a robust yet relatively lightweight package.

All transducers up to 108,500 N•m are supplied as standard with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate from Norbar’s in-house laboratory.  Re-calibration and service of torque transducers and instruments can be performed at Norbar’s own locations in UK, Australia, USA, Singapore, China and India.  Other locations in the world are covered by a family of factory trained and equipped distributors.

USM – Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement

USM – Ultrasonic Bolt MeasurementNorbar’s USM-3 is one of the most powerful tools ever to be made available to engineers concerned with bolted joint integrity. The USM-3 uses ultrasound to measure the change in length of bolts during and/or after the tightening process. Unlike indirect methods of tension control such as torque or torque and angle, ultrasonic measurement of bolt load or elongation bypasses the problems of friction and other variables resulting in significantly more accurate bolt tension. Issues such as vibration loosening, bolt yielding, embedment relaxation, and many others can be identified and addressed prior to failure; likewise, verification of residual stud tension after using hydraulic or mechanical tensioning systems or post-heating provides data that can be uploaded to a computer, saved as an Excel spreadsheet and printed for hard copy documentation. The USM-3 has been laboratory and field proven to be the most accurate, reliable and cost effective solution to bolting failures which could lead to leaks, capital equipment damage and risks to workers.

Regardless of whether the project is under construction, in fabrication or undergoing maintenance, the USM-3 excels at verification and long term monitoring of bolt tension and elongation. Norbar’s USM instruments have been chosen by many of the largest bolting service companies as their preferred instrument for power generation maintenance work. Critical applications for fossil, nuclear and wind power have all been made surer and safer through implementation of bolt load and elongation verification. Common applications include: Steam turbine compressor rotors, inner and outer casings, coupling bolts, HP & LP blade rings, main steam inlet flanges, throttle valves, generator bearing brackets and generator through bolts. Nuclear Reactor coolant pumps, baffles, reactor pressure vessels, man-way covers, foundation bolts. Wind power foundation bolts, yaw bearing bolts, hub to blade, hub coupling, generator coupling and tower bolts.

Engineer To Order Service

Engineer To Order Service The diverse needs of the power generation industry, from nuclear to wind, mean that Norbar’s standard range of products are not always suitable.  This is particularly true with regard to difficult to reach bolts, for example, on wind turbines or where an exceptionally high degree of accuracy and verification is required, as in the nuclear industry.  Norbar therefore offers an Engineer to Order service that spans a range from modified reaction arms through to completely one off tools or measurement systems.

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